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Synergetic Community Portal

About Synergetic Community Portal

The Synergetic Community Portal provides you with an electronic method of updating your family information. It is recommended that families review the details provided to the School at least once per term, or as needed (eg. if your contact details have changed).

We encourage you to update your family information using the Synergetic Community Portal. If you require assistance with the Portal, please contact our Synergetic Support Desk.

How do I update my family information?

In order to access, review and update your family details, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click here to visit the Synergetic Community Portal website
  2. Enter your username and password (as provided by the School) and select 'Login'
  3. At the top of the page, select 'My Details'
  4. Using the tabs at the top of the page, select the individual members of your family
  5. Review the information for each person, using the boxes on the left-hand side, eg. for students, make sure you review their:
    1. Personal Information
    2. Medical
    3. Emergency Contact (Please note, Emergency Contacts must be someone other than mum or dad)
    4. Healthcare
    5. Legal
    6. Census Information
  6. To make any changes or additions, click the 'Edit' box for each field (at the top-right of the field)
  7. Save each change
  8. Once you have completed all of your changes for each member of the family, please logout using the button at the top-right section of the page

If your information is correct: If no edits are required, please tick the 'Confirm Personal Details' option at the bottom of each section. Once the information has been confirmed, the yellow exclamation mark will turn into a green tick. Your family information is fully confirmed when all gren ticks are present for each section.

Optional: If you wish to make your contact details available for other parents in your child’s year level to view, please also complete the 'Parent Contacts' tab. Parents who fill in their details in this section will simply see a list of other parents' contact details (including their own). This can be useful for parents to contact each other about School issues or to organise ‘outside of school’ activities. Please note, this is not compulsory and by adding your details to this tab does not give other parents access to your 'My Details' page. You can remove your contact details from this list at any time by unticking the relevant boxes on the 'Parent Contacts' tab.

Synergetic Support

For support using the Synergetic Community Portal, or if you have lost your login details, please contact our Synergetic Help Desk.