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Frequently Asked Questions

King’s Baptist Grammar School - Adelaide Hills Campus will be opening at the beginning of 2023 school year.

At opening, the School will cater for ELC-Year 2 students. The School will grow with our students, with additional year levels added in subsequent years to ensure that children can remain within the School for their entire education. In line with this, the School will be opening to Year 3 students in 2024, Year 4 students in 2025, and so on. The first class of Year 12 students are expected to graduate in 2033.

Applications for enrolment at King’s Baptist Grammar School Adelaide Hills are now open for all students. All applications for enrolment are submitted online. If you have any questions regarding your application, we encourage you to contact our Enrolments Team on 8289 0222 ext. 342 or by emailing our Adelaide Hills Enrolment Officer at

Following the submission of your application, we will contact you to confirm that we have received your application. Your application will be processed as soon as possible, and we will contact you to confirm whether we are able to offer you a position shortly after processing.

We encourage all families interested in enrolling to visit our new campus and explore the exciting opportunities that await their child. Tours are now open and can be booked via the button below.

Once Applications are received, they are reviewed and processed by our Enrolments Team. The turn-around time for this is usually approximately 2 weeks. Families will receive notification in writing of either being placed on the waiting list or an offer of a place made.

Our School Fees are available via the link below. A non-refundable, once-off enrolment fee of $600 is required upfront to process your enrolment. $500 of this enrolment fee will then be credited against your first term fees.

Our ELC Fees are available via the link below. A non-refundable, once-off enrolment fee of $300 is required upfront to process your enrolment. $200 of this enrolment fee will then be credited against your first term fees.

Families are encouraged to request a Prospectus online via our website. Alternatively, families may contact our Enrolments Team on 8289 0222 ext. 342 or by emailing our Adelaide Hills Enrolment Officer at

Our primary mode of communication with parents will be through email. We will be distributing e-newsletters each month to keep our families up-to-date with the latest news and progress of the construction of the new School. Please ensure you check your email inbox regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on any vital information from us!

In line with our strategic vision for the School, our Middle School will open with our first cohort of Year 6 students commencing in 2027. Consequently, our Senior School will open in 2031 as this first cohort begins in Year 10. Applications for enrolment are open for all families seeking to start with us at our Adelaide Hills Campus from ELC-Year 12.

Children are able to begin their King’s journey in the ELC approximately two years before starting their Reception year, provided they are three years of age. Should your child be under the age of three at the commencement of the school year, they will be able to begin after their third birthday if there is a place available, or alternatively at the beginning of the following year.

Your child can attend the ELC, even if they will not be attending the School from Reception onwards; however, we will be giving priority to those who are enrolled in Reception. We believe that continuing your children’s education in a faith-based school allows them to grow in not only their faith, but in skills such as leadership and citizenship while also learning academically. We believe faith-based schooling aids our students by helping develop them into well-rounded individuals.

As a school, we have grown to have a strong reputation for academic excellence, performing arts and sporting achievements since establishing our Wynn Vale Campus in 1989.

By 2023, King’s Baptist Grammar School - Adelaide Hills Campus will have:

  • Administration building
  • Well-equipped classrooms
  • Patch to Plate garden
  • Student Learning Hub/Multi-Purpose Space
  • Student Diversity facilities
  • Sport, recreational and play facilities, including a playground and dedicated play space.

King’s is a faith-based community, and we understand the importance of having a dedicated worship space built for our School and wider community. To this end, we are aiming to have a church/auditorium/café located on campus by the end of 2024.

Yes, we will be providing out of school hours care and will provide further details closer to the opening date.

Staff from the student diversity faculty will work alongside children and their classroom teachers to meet students’ diverse needs. Co-educators will work in the classroom, supporting a wide range of students, with targeted intervention programs occurring at various year levels. The diverse needs of students will be monitored closely, with support plans being continually updated and reflective of students’ identified needs.

Our learning philosophy is inspired by the work of the educators of Reggio Emilia, a city in northern Italy. Founded by inspirational Educator Loris Malaguzzi in the 1940’s, the approach is an educational way of understanding learning and teaching. It is based on the image of the child as a competent, capable, curious child who is full of potential. Children are also acknowledged as citizens with rights and ever-increasing responsibilities, and people who learn and grow through reciprocal relationships with others. There will be a rich and engaging curriculum that allows for exploration, wonder, and theory making and testing. This will be a curriculum where children are encouraged to pose their own questions and explore the many possibilities that branch out before them. This learning philosophy will flow seamlessly into a contemporary Junior School learning pedagogy as the School grows into the future.

We welcome students from all denominations and faith backgrounds. All students will be required to participate in our faith-based activities and respect other students’ faiths as they would like their own faith respected. However, as a faith-based School, we give an element of priority to families who are actively attending a church community.

The School’s values and how we behave towards others is captured by our ‘FISHER’ principles. We are each called on to be Fair (do unto others …), act with Integrity, Serve the needs of others, be Humble, strive for Excellence and treat everyone with Respect. We believe these are life-enriching values. The School’s philosophies (our worldview) is that each person is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, that living well is through knowing and loving God so that we might love and serve our neighbour.

With an investment of over $30 million, the King’s Baptist Grammar School - Adelaide Hills Campus will create up to 100 new teaching jobs over 30 years. We endeavour to hire highly qualified Christian staff to continue to teach our Christian ethos to our students and will be seeking to support the Hills community by focusing our hiring processes to recruit the best local teachers.

Our Wynn Vale Campus has been operating for 37 years, and our current Principal, Don Grimmett, has been in this role since 2019 and will be overseeing the School in the meantime. As the School grows, we will begin the process of appointing a dedicated Principal for King’s Baptist Grammar School Adelaide Hills. The Principal we appoint will have demonstrated experience in the following four key capacities: Centred in Christ, education and teaching, equipping, and leading.

The School development will be staged over a 10 year period. We believe this is in the best interest of your child as they will be able to grow and learn as the School grows. The community-based atmosphere we endeavor to provide will ensure every student feels included and supported, and as our staffing team grows, they will get the chance to develop a unique and individual relationship with your child.

The School will be located on Bollen Road, Mount Barker in the newly developed Newenham Estate.

King’s Baptist Grammar School - Adelaide Hills Campus will be located next to the Active Recreation Reserve and the extender Mount Barker Liner Trail which extends through Newenham to connect students and the community to a 12km round-trip cycling and walking trailing through Newenham, Mount Barker and the Laratinga Wetlands. We endeavour to ensure that all children are able to attend school safely, and we will work with our community partners to make this a priority.