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Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to learn more about our School, the enrolments process and what it means to be a student at King's Adelaide Hills, we invite you to peruse our most frequently asked questions. If your questions have not been answered, please contact our Enrolments Team using the button below.

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To enrol your child at King's Baptist Grammar School, please visit our website and select 'Enrolments' from the site menu. From there, you will find information on the enrolment process, including the Application for Enrolment form and the documentation required to submit your Application.

Alternatively, you can contact the school directly by emailing The Enrolments Office at King's Baptist Grammar School will be more than happy to guide you through the enrolment process and answer any questions you may have.

To learn more about enrolling your child at King’s, please select the button below.

King’s is a highly sought after school and as such we encourage early applications to increase the likelihood of securing a place for your child in your preferred entry year. Applications may be submitted - and are encouraged - from birth.

To learn more about enrolling your child at King’s, please select the button below.

Once Applications are received, they are reviewed and processed by our Enrolments Team. The turn-around time for this is approximately 2 weeks, depending on your child's starting year and year level of entry. Families will receive notification in writing of either being placed on the waiting list or an offer of a place made.

King’s does not offer a mid-year intake for Reception students. Enrolment for Reception commences at the beginning of each school year.

If your child turns 5 before 1 May, they can commence Reception in January while they are still 4 years old. If your child turns 5 on or after 1 May, they will commence Reception the following year.

Families seeking mid-year enrolment for children who turn 5 on or after 1 May may wish to discuss enrolling in our Early Learning Centre (ELC) for two terms, prior to commencing Reception the following year. Enrolling in our ELC is a fantastic way to introduce children to the philosophies, policies, practices and curriculum of King's, preparing students for the move to big school.

Due to Government restrictions with recurrent funding, King’s is unable to accept applications from students who are in Australia on the following visas: 500, 570, 571, 572, 573, 574 or 575.

Government restrictions require students to be permanent residents of Australia or on a Visa that permits recurrent funding. Education institutions can only enrol and deliver education services to international students in Australia if the School is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS); unfortunately, King’s is not registered with CRICOS and therefore we are unable to enrol international students.

Adelaide has several other private schools who are CRICOS registered. Please select the button below to search for CRICOS-registered schools in South Australia.

In the Application for Enrolment form, you will see that it asks for two written family character references to be supplied along with your application form.

If you are an active member of a Church, we ask that you provide a written character reference from the Pastor or Faith Leader.

If you are not active members of a Church, we ask that you simply supply two references from people that know you well. This could be a family member, family friend or perhaps a work colleague. The reference is just so we have an understanding of you as a family.

To book a School Tour at King's Baptist Grammar School, please select the button below.

From there, you will find information on the enrolment process, including the Application for Enrolment form and the documentation required to submit your Application.

It is best to plan your visit in advance as School Tours are often booked out quickly. Happy touring!


To view the 2024 Fee Schedule, please select the buttons below.

Sibling Discount

Significant sibling discounts, as detailed on our School Fees page, are available to the second and subsequent students enrolling from the same family.

School Card Concession

This requires an annual application to be submitted and a reduction of fees will be applied to your Statement of Account at the complete discretion of the school.

Early Payment Discount

For accounts paid in full for the whole year in advance, a discount of 4% will be applied to the account. For amounts paid per semester (half year) in advance a discount of 2% will be applied to the account.

Spiritual Foundation

King’s is a Christian School that strives to provide excellence in a range of academic, sporting and cultural programs in a caring Christian community. While all families are welcome, those who actively support the Christian mission and purpose of the community are given priority at enrolment.

"The purpose of Christian schooling is the educational and spiritual development of each child. Spiritual formation is an essential component of a Christian school education. In a Christian school, students are taught that humankind is made in the image of God. God wishes for us to be fulfilled in life and work, in relationship with Him, with each other, and with the world He made for us to enjoy. Christian schools aim to prepare students to live full, productive and purposeful lives, contributing to the wellbeing of their families, communities and as global citizens."
Christian Schools Australia (CSA)

Our King’s Community has a culture of following Jesus. Some practical examples include:

  • Monday morning warm-in; staff start the week focusing on what God is doing in our School and in our hearts
  • Faith studies lessons, daily devotions and bible reading
  • In the Early Years and Junior Schools, grace and prayers are said before fruit time and before lunch
  • Holy Week activities (prior to Easter)
  • Weekly 'Bonfire' faith gatherings (previously known as Chapel); we gather as a community around what God is doing in our School
  • Lunchtime prayer and activity groups
  • Non-teaching staff buddies; all staff at King's have a pastoral heart and are involved in helping students to feel seen, heard and loved

All students and families are encouraged to be actively involved in the life of the King’s Community. Enrolment with the School demonstrates a commitment to growing in Jesus and engagement with the activities and traditions of King’s.


The King’s Early Learning Centre (ELC) opened in January 2023, influenced by the inspirational early childhood, educational work and philosophies from Reggio Emilia, Italy. The centre caters for children aged from three years to school-aged children. It shares the same philosophies, policies, practices and curriculum of King’s.

To learn more about our ELC, please select the button below.

While ELC is a potential pathway into Reception, enrolment in the ELC and enrolment in Reception at King’s are two separate entities. Whilst we encourage you to apply for both the ELC and Reception, we cannot guarantee acceptance into Reception based on your enrolment in the ELC.

We give an element of priority to children enrolled at the ELC to School and for children whose enrolment applies for both the ELC and School.

Your child can attend the ELC, even if they will not be attending the School from Reception onwards; however, we will be giving priority to those who are enrolled in Reception. We believe that continuing your children’s education in a faith-based school allows them to grow in not only their faith, but in skills such as leadership and citizenship while also learning academically. We believe faith-based schooling aids our students by helping develop them into well-rounded individuals.

About King's Adelaide Hills

King’s Baptist Grammar School - Adelaide Hills Campus officially opened at the beginning of the 2023 school year. In addition, our Campus in Wynn Vale was founded in 1983 and this year celebrates it's 40th anniversary.

In 2024, King's Adelaide Hills will cater for ELC-Year 3 students. The School will grow with our students, with additional year levels added in subsequent years to ensure that children can remain within the School for their entire education. In line with this, the School will be opening to Year 4 students in 2025, Year 5 students in 2026, and so on. The first class of Year 12 students are expected to graduate in 2033.

The School development will be staged over a 10 year period. We believe this is in the best interest of your child as they will be able to grow and learn as the School grows. The community-based atmosphere we endeavor to provide will ensure every student feels included and supported, and as our staffing team grows, they will get the chance to develop a unique and individual relationship with your child.

As a School, we have grown to have a strong reputation for academic excellence, performing arts and sporting achievements since establishing our Wynn Vale Campus in 1989.

Upon opening King's Adelaide Hills in 2023, our School is equipped with the following:

  • Administration building
  • Well-equipped classrooms
  • Patch to Plate garden
  • Student Learning Hub/Multi-Purpose Space
  • Student Diversity facilities
  • Sport, recreational and play facilities, including a playground and dedicated play space.

King’s is a faith-based community, and we understand the importance of having a dedicated worship space built for our School and wider community. To this end, we are aiming to have a church/auditorium/café located on campus by the end of 2024.

An Out of Hours School Care program is available for our students. The service is provided by YMCA at St Mark's Lutheran School. King's provides a bus and a supervising staff member to transport students to and from this service. We are looking into options for an on-site OSHC service, which we hope to commence for King's families in 2024.

Staff from the Student Diversity faculty will work alongside children and their classroom teachers to meet students’ diverse needs. Co-educators will work in the classroom, supporting a wide range of students, with targeted intervention programs occurring at various year levels. The diverse needs of students will be monitored closely, with support plans being continually updated and reflective of students’ identified needs.

The School’s values and how we behave towards others is captured by our ‘FISHER’ principles. We are each called on to be Fair (do unto others …), act with Integrity, Serve the needs of others, be Humble, strive for Excellence and treat everyone with Respect. We believe these are life-enriching values. The School’s philosophies (our worldview) is that each person is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, that living well is through knowing and loving God so that we might love and serve our neighbour.

We always welcome any new parents to journey alongside us as volunteers at our School. Once parents have undertaken our parent volunteer training and they have provided a police clearance, they are able to assist in a number of ways in the classroom and throughout the School.

For more information on Volunteering, please select the button below.

Download a School Information Booklet

We would love to share more of our King’s Community with you. If you would like to receive a School Information Booklet to see what it means to be a student at King’s Wynn Vale, we invite you to download a copy by selecting the button below.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge that everything in heaven and earth belongs to God.

We acknowledge the Kaurna people and the Peramangk people as the traditional custodians of the lands on which our schools are located.

We pay our respects to all elders, past, present and those to come, and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

We commit ourselves to pray and work for justice and reconciliation with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia.